New Name, Same Great Bank
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New Name, Same Great Bank

We are pleased to announce we have received final approval to change our bank name to Fusion Bank.  As you have probably noticed, we have been using the Fusion brand for some time, and it is now time to make it official. The new name will go live on February 22, 2021. This change will be beneficial in several ways as discussed below. But the most important thing to know is – we remain the same great bank, with the same great people, providing the same great banking services. 

Photos, left to right:  Kenneth Peters, H.H. Reed, H. Mont Reed, H. Leon Reed

And now, to answer a few questions:


If this is the same great bank, why the name change?

  • We are regularly confused with any number of other First State Banks in the country. There are at least seven banks named First State Bank in Kansas alone. Additionally, we are often confused with banks named First National Bank, or any other bank which has a name that starts with “First,” of which there are more than 40 in the state of Kansas.
  • As our customers continue to take advantage of the conveniences of internet and mobile services, it has become apparent that electronic service providers are confused, too. If you use Quicken or Quickbooks, or an account aggregating platform like Mint, you may have encountered this issue yourself.  Connectivity is difficult, or sometimes impossible, because the service provider has our name confused with another bank’s web address.
  • We need to be “searchable.” A Google search of “First State Bank” brings up more than a million results.  We have chosen a unique name that can be found in the www jungle. Additionally, we have secured the national trademark for the name “Fusion Bank,” ensuring we will be the only bank with this name in the United States.

How did you choose the name Fusion Bank?

  • The new name has meaning for us. In order to be the best bank for our customers, we work to create a fusion of traditional Classic Banking with outstanding Online and Mobile technology. Our bank is a fusion of personal and digital; traditional and technical; heritage and future; local and everywhere.
  • We love our “Flying F” logo, and we wanted to keep it. This logo first came into use in the 1970’s with the opening of our iconic home office building, and has adorned many a cap, cup, and shirt. Fusion starts with the letter F, which cinched the deal.

 Why now?

This change has been in the process for quite a while.

  • Fusion eBanking: The first step was to name our eBanking division “Fusion eBanking” as a way to make us searchable on the internet and to make it easier to find our mobile app in the app stores.
  • The next step came with the release of the .Bank web extensions. We were one of the early adopters of a web address that ends with .bank.  When you see that ending to a website you can trust that you are on a true, secured bank website and have not been siphoned off to a fake website.  At that time, we chose to move forward with, distinguishing us from the long list of generic sounding bank website names.

What do I need to do?

  • Continue using the same checks, debit card, credit card.  As these are replaced over time they will be branded with our new name.

On June 30, 2021, we celebrate our bank’s 125th anniversary.  We are excited to both continue in our classic banking tradition and embrace what the future brings – bringing to you the best of both worlds, as the name Fusion Bank reflects. I hope you will join us in our excitement about our new name and the clarity it will bring with it.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Douglas M. Briggs
President, CEO