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Fusion Bank opened its doors on June 30, 1896.  For 126 years we’ve been serving customers throughout the region, maintaining our growth, our quality, and our culture every step of the way. Our Overland Park location was chartered in 2007, and we’ve recently acquired a new location on College Boulevard to serve as our area headquarters.  The Bank is rated as a 5-Star Bank (the highest ranking) by Bauer Financial, and is listed among The Strongest Banks in the U.S. by Weiss Ratings.



Bank Services Professional

Variety is the spice of life.

Do you enjoy learning a variety of skills and contributing those skills where needed? Do you want to participate in multiple banking activities rather than focusing on one function? Are you the kind of person who loves helping people and building relationships, and would also enjoy contributing to the inner workings of the bank?

Fusion Bank is the right place for you! We love hiring enthusiastic learners and engaged minds! We make a point of training our associates in many areas of the bank and rotating various activities, so all functions have a deep bench of good, well-trained employees to ensure excellent outcomes.

The Bank Services Professional position will include a variety of customer-facing and internal activities. Your primary focus will be on Universal Banker and Teller activities, building and strengthening customer relations, taking care of each customer like family. You will help them understand and choose the best accounts and services to fit their needs. You will solve problems for them while also educating them on the outstanding eBanking services Fusion Bank offers. You will become an expert on Fusion Bank products for both the consumer and the business customers.

As your skills grow, you will be trained on many of the bank Operations procedures, learning a broad collection of internal activities. This allows you to contribute to the success of the bank on many levels while you will get the opportunity to explore a variety of career paths along the way.

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity, you may submit your resume and cover letter to: for a position in the Larned Bank Center for a position in the Overland Park Bank Center.



Seeking a Fusion Banking opportunity? If you are interested in exploring possible employment opportunities with Fusion Bank, please download the application form here and submit your resume, along with the completed form, to




Fusion Bank is an equal opportunity employer.